Vettriano: A Celebration

29.03.14 - 01.06.14

Heartbreak Gallery hosted an exhibition of over thirty paintings by Scottish artist, Jack Vettriano, curated largely from private collections. Other works be displayed include a number of previously unexhibited works by Vettriano, which came directly from the artist’s studio.

Many of the paintings featured in this exhibition were touring on loan to Heartbreak, following the Retrospective of  the artist’s work held at Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum in Glasgow, which received a record-breaking 130,502 visitors during its 5 month run.  

For Vettriano fans who were unable to visit the Retrospective exhibition in Glasgow,  Heartbreak Gallery offered another opportunity to see some of the works that were featured in this much talked about event.  The works displayed at Heartbreak ranged in date from 1992 to 2012 and included famous works such as ‘Elegy for a Dead Admiral’, ‘Bluebird at Bonneville’, ‘Pendine Beach’, ‘Portrait in Black and Pearl’, among other, lesser known works for fans to discover.

Alongside the exhibition of originals, Heartbreak launched The Red Room Collection – a series of five of Jack Vettriano’s more erotic images,  published for the first time as signed, limited edition prints. 

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Man Of Mystery
The Longing
Singin’ the Blues
The Purple Cat
Girls’ Night
Night Geometry
On Parade
A Kind of Loving
Contemplation of Betrayal
Heaven or Hell: The Sweetest Choice
Cocktails and Broken Hearts
Night in the City
Black Friday
A Very Married Woman II
Winter Light and Lavender
Motel Love
Fast Track
Self Portrait with Love Letter (Study)
Brief Encounter
Amateur Philosophers
Elegy for the Dead Admiral
The Gathering Clouds
Dancer in Emerald
Pendine Beach
An Imperfect Past II
Sunshine and Champagne II
The Parlour of Temptation
Welcome to My World
Lounge Lizards II
Lunchtime Lovers
The Temptress
Bluebird at Bonneville
Portrait In Black And Pearl
Game On
Night-Time Rituals, Study
Dancer for Money II