Ben Stockwell – Reflections of a Life Aquatic

19.04.13 - 12.05.13

“My fascination with water and painting the colours of light underwater has led me towards conveying the various emotive qualities and the beauty of water and light… their movement and colours, and explore their ability to evoke different sentiments in viewers. “ Ben Stockwell

Ben Stockwell is entirely self taught.  A qualified marine biologist, he began painting for his own pleasure and endeavour exclusively but quickly found he was being asked to create paintings for others increasingly fluently.  After a few years of experimentation, he found his now signature subject – water, referencing back to his experiences as a diver.   

Tranquil, beautiful and evocative, his work can instantly transport you to places inspired by real experiences but created from the imagination. 

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Beyond the Outer Pinnacle
Clear Water
Blue Med
Sea 15
Sea 1
Sea 21
Sea 17
St Croix
Sea 14
Sea 16
Sea 22
Disappearing Fish
Old Man of the Sea
Lagoon Sky B
A Perfect Peace
Emerald Sea
Ocean H
Jan’s Ray
Dolphin Boy
Bubble Girl
Spherical Sea
Green Med
Morning Tube
Multicolour Sea 2
Moonlit Sea
Sea Circulaire
Blue Sunburst