Fletcher Sibthorp – Love Is…

12.04.12 - 13.05.12

Born in Hertfordshire, England in 1967, Fletcher Sibthorp has had a successful career as a painter since graduating with Honours from Kingston University in 1989.

Although predominantly known for his dance paintings, Sibthorp has more recently dedicated himself to an on-going series of paintings that he refers to as his Quiet Space work

“The Quiet Space series is, for me, my most personal work. I have found reward over the years in producing artworks that just ‘are’. I attach no great meaning to them and I shy away from explaining them in any way. For me painting is a visual language so should not require rationalisation. I believe that artwork, especially my kind of work, should be self-explanatory as it is a visual language. If you have to explain it, you are failing to a certain extent. Everything should be conveyed in the painting. I would go along with Oscar Wilde, who once said, “A picture has no meaning but its beauty, no message but its joy”.

I am not out to rock the world with my insights but in some way I hope these paintings will touch the soul of someone, for a moment. If this is the case, I have achieved what I have set out to do.”

Heartbreak Gallery is delighted to be showing four new works by Fletcher Sibthorp as part of Love Is…, a mixed exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture inspired by themes of love and in support of the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Mending Broken Hearts’ campaign.

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Fletcher Sibthorp – Lacrimae Rerum
Fletcher Sibthorp – The Gold Choker, Study
Fletcher Sibthorp – Emily with Heart Shaped Earring
Fletcher Sibthorp – The Heart Shaped Earring, Study