Fletcher Sibthorp – Transitions

12.12.12 - 13.01.13

Born in Hertfordshire, England in 1967, Fletcher Sibthorp is a contemporary representational artist living and working in London.  

Sibthorp’s artworks are distinctive for their use of a mixture of metal leaf, oil paint and glazes, applied in a classical, grisaille technique.

 Through my use of elemental and coveted materials like gold and palladium, I am am not only striving to give my work an historic connection to religious, iconographic paintings, but also to endow them with their own life and brilliance; to make them shimmer in whatever light that illuminates them. 

Using a classical style, my objective is to create jewel-like pieces – artworks of intrinsic worth. Their beauty is their meaning, and one which, I hope, will touch the soul and open a window of inspiration to all those that view them.”  (Fletcher Sibthorp)

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Nothing Gold Can Stay
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