Lesley Banks – Beyond the Grand Canal


Beyond the Grand Canal features fifty oil paintings and works on paper inspired by the charismatic and charming people Lesley Banks met whilst on numerous painting trips to Venice.

The beguiling Fiora Gandolfi was central to her discovery of a more intimate view of the City as she welcomed Banks into her world. We see glimpses of Gandolfi’s glorious home, a visit to her favourite espresso bars and a trip to the Rialto fish market at 6am. Peering through the bedroom window, we see a view of one of the many waterways and watch the mist forming across the lagoon. Through this intimate portrait, Venice comes alive and beckons you once more.

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Interior Palazzo Benzon
Fog in the Piazza
Fog in a Lagoon
Fog on the Riva degli Shiavoni
Fog in the Arcades
Lady Romilly’s Window
Heart in the Fishmarket
Rialto Scavengers
Rialto Fishmarket II
Rialto Later
Rialto Fishmarket I
Mask and Heart
Bar Americano, St Mark’s Square
Late Night at the Piazza
Late Night Music
Christmas Lights from the Rialto Bridge
Outside the Academia
Late Night Chat
Bowl and Birds
Venetian Pots
Red Table
Into the Garden
Fiora’s Garden
Venetian Pots (Study)
Pink Chair – Blue Table
To Bed
Squinty Carpet
Fiora’s Table
Piero’s Doorway
Fiora in Colour
Fiora’s Tabletop
Lemons from Rome
On the Silver Tray
Fiora in her Kitchen
Palazzo Benzon (Study)
Step One
Little Fish
Step Two
Palazzo Benzon Doorway
Palazzo Benzon – Red Lamp
Venetian Pots (Study II)
Canal in Dorsoduro
Cafe Campo Margharita
Waiting Gondoliers
Lady Romilly’s Window
Fog in the Piazza (Study)
Lesley Banks – Towards Canary Wharf
Music in the Evening