Massimo Polello Exhibition Song of Songs

06.09.13 - 05.10.13

Born in Turin, Italy, in 1970 where he lives and works now, Massimo Polello is Italy’s leading contemporary calligrapher. For his first exhibition in the UK, Polello has created a bold series of works on paper and canvas, exploring the themes inspired by the Song of Songs.

Picking phrases, words or just letters from the multi-layered Song of Songs, Polello combines these with abstract shapes and colours to express the different stages of love from courtship to consummation.

At the Private View on 5th September, Polello will be creating a new artwork exploring one of these themes by painting live, directly onto the walls inside the gallery.

Polello’ s work uses the classic calligraphic techniques of which he is a master now, combining them with experimental artistic gestures, often embellishing them with mixed media and innovative materials such as resins and varnishes. He has moved beyond the strict confines of working on paper or canvas and is always looking for unusual and inspiring surfaces and materials with which to work and from which to create his unique pieces.

Polello’s professional training began when he studied calligraphy at the Scriptorium de Toulouse in France, after which he worked on developing his own language and personal style of contemporary calligraphy. In the last two decades he has developed an international reputation for his calligraphy, running workshops and working with in different media. He has created several short films, including one with artist/film-maker Peter Greenaway, a video installation piece entitled ‘Peopling the Palace’, which was commissioned for the opening of the Venaria Castle, Turin in 2008.

He sums up his own approach to calligraphy as, “…letters become a means to exist outside myself… going beyond the letters, captured by a sole need to see. They become signs, images, evocations, urgent needs, emotions.”

 The images featured here now are all of small, jewel-like canvases that measure just 15 x 15cms and which will be hung as a series of works in our main gallery. Images and details of additional, larger works will be added onto this website over the next few weeks.

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Sul Cuore
Sul Mio Letto Lungo La Notte..
L’Amato Mio Passa La Notte Tra I Miei Seni
Sul Mio Letto Lungo La Notte
Trascinami Con Te
Venga L’Amato Mio
Fuggi Amato Mio
Il Mio Amato E’Mio E Io Sono Sua
Fuggi Amato Mio II
Pensieri D’Amore
Fuggi Amato Mio Simile A Gazzella
I Tuoi Germogli Sono Un Paradiso
Quanto E’Soave Il Tuo Amore
Tu Mi Hai Rapito Il Cuore
Amore Dell’Anima Mia, L’Ho Cercato
La Tua Voce E’Soave, Il Tuo Viso Incantevole
Sono Venuto Nel Mio Giardino
Con Te
Mostrami Il Tuo Viso
Il Sui Desiderio E’Verso Di Me
Come Un Sigillo
Io Sono Del Mio Amato I
Cuore Mio
Mettimi Come Sigillo Sul Tuo Cuore
Malattia D’Amore
Sul Mio Letto
Io Sono Del Mio Amato II
Cannella E Cinnamomo
Gran Sole D’Amore
Amore Dell’Anima Mia, L’Ho Cercato
Venga L’Amato Mio
Magnifico Come I Cedri
Trascinami Con Te
Tutta Bella Sei Tu
Broken Love
Mettimi Come Sigillo Sul Tuo Cuore
Non Destate, Dal Sonno, L’Amore
Baci Con I Baci
Alzati Vento, Vieni Nel Mio Giardino
Sigillo Sul Cuore
Amato Mio
Venga L’Amato mio nel suo ghardi no e ne manoi I frutti squisti
Sul Mio Letto, Lungo La Notte Ho cercato L’amore Dell’anima Mia
Thinking in Ink
Writing Is…
Blue Heart Split
La Prima Vez Que Te Vidi
Cantico Dei Cantici I
Sigillo Sul tuo Cuore
Ho Il Terrore Di Non Essere Amato
C’e Un Tempo
Ho Paura Di Non Lasciare Segno