Massimo Polello – Love Is…

12.04.12 - 13.05.12

Massimo Polello has contributed this heart-felt painting, Blue Heart Split, for Love is…, a mixed exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculpture inspired by themes of Love, Sex and Romance in support of the British Heart Foundation’s Mending Broken Hearts campaign.

Born in Turin, Italy, in 1970 where he lives and works now, Massimo Polello is Italy’s leading contemporary calligrapher.

Polello’s professional training began studying calligraphy at the Scriptorium de Toulouse in France, after which he worked on developing his own language and personal style of contemporary calligraphy. In the last two decades he has developed an international reputation for his calligraphy, running workshops and working with in different media. He has created several short films, including one with artist/film-maker Peter Greenaway, a video installation piece entitled ‘Peopling the Palace’, which was commissioned for the opening of the Venaria Castle, Turin in 2008.

Polello evolves the classic calligraphic techniques of which he is a master now, combining them with experimental artistic gestures, often embellished with embellishing them with mixed media and innovative materials such as resins and varnishes. He has moved beyond the strict confines of working on paper or canvas and is always looking for unusual and inspiring surfaces and materials with which to work and from which to create his unique pieces

He sums up his own approach to calligraphy as, “…letters become a means to exist outside myself… going beyond the letters, captured by a sole need to see. They become signs, images, evocations, urgent needs, emotions.”

For our ‘Love Is…’ exhibition, Polello has created this beautiful piece entitled ‘Blue Heart Split’; a diptych piece in mixed media on hand-made paper.

Click HERE to download a biography about Massimo Polello.

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